Medical treatment center at Medical Parsian Teb Center provides medical services in all parts of Tehran
Dispatcher, Nurse Dispatch, Physiotherapist Dispatch, Caregiver Dispatch, Ambulance Dispatch, and Home Testing
Patient accompaniment in air and ground transmissions by physician and nurse
Managing director: Dr. Velayatipour


All over Tehran, boarding
With free advice

  • Dispatcher .... (General, Specialist)
  • Dispatcher Nurse .... (injections, sera, tests, catheter, etc.)
  • Dispatcher Physiotherapist .... (Muscular Nervous System)
  • Dispatcher Care ... (at home, hospital for patient or elderly)
  • Dispatch .... (Psychologist, Radiologist, Ultrasound, Ambulance)
  • Patient Care .... (at home with treatment team and equipment)
  • Patient accompaniment in air and ground transportation by physician and nurse ... inside and outside the country